Ericka “The AskHer”

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“Women should ask for more and ask more often.”

Hi! I’m Ericka. As a Career Coach, I help women position their “ask” and achieve professional success. Because a component of advancing your career relies heavily on your decision to self-advocate – you can’t afford to settle for silence. We’ve had the salary negotiation conversation for YEARS, yet women still aren’t negotiating nor advocating for themselves. This illuminates the reality that the challenge is more about mindset; having an actual framework for the ask and strategically positioning it.

The Hard Truth Is…

  • your salary will suffer
  • your social capital will cease to result in sponsorship
  • your visibility and mobility will become non-existent

ultimately producing frustration and career complacency – all because you made the conscious choice to neglect your ask. This doesn’t have to be your reality though. You have the power to change the trajectory of your career – right where you are.

I’ve experienced the pain of not asking by way of my clients in countless coaching sessions. Through their tears; the expressed frustration of seeing others get promoted and the agony of performing exceptionally well in absence of the reward – I decided to launch a course “Stop Sitting On Your Ask™” and create a movement of AskHERS. While there is no guarantee your ask will result in a “yes”, if you don’t ask, the guarantee is your answer will always be “no.”

When I’m not helping other women, I’m achieving success and refusing to settle by way of my big ask. #PlayBigger

Young woman sitting in office hallway with a file and looking away thinking. Business woman thinking over a new business proposal with a coworker talking on mobile phone in background.

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