It's True...

you have not because you ask not.

You are confident, ambitious, hard-working and worthy. Yet, you’ve settled because you chose the comfort of “no” instead of leaning on the courage of your ask. The good news is you’re not alone. The better news is it’s time to do something different. You can access our Stop Sitting On Your Ask course for FREE as a member of our Career Club!

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Your Ultimate Goal...

is to become an AskHER.

(ahsk-hur) pronounced asker – (n). a woman who asks for what she wants, requires and deserves to achieve success.

Asking is about self-advocacy and taking action – which is a career must for ambitious women like you!

Did you know that your ask is actually an asset?

Statistically speaking, women don’t ask for:
Salary Increases
Flexible Schedule
Career Path

Your Ask Results In

Credible communication that accelerates goal achievement

Self-respect and respect from others

Career mobility

Increased confidence

Attracting allies and building alliances

Salary increases

Therefore, it’s time to stop sitting on your ask!

Join the movement!

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